Netflix Categories Codes

Netflix uses a very confusing system for displaying movies and shows. Using our site, you can quickly find the category you need. Just follow the link or find the category id you need and paste it in your browser -

Why does Netflix have secret codes?

Netflix has a rather strange categorization, and many categories cannot be found in the usual menu. This problem can be solved by using category codes.

Do these Netflix codes really work?

Netflix codes actually exist. Find the code you need, and then paste it into the link instead of XX.

How to Use Netflix's Secret Codes?

Netflix codes help to specify the user's preferences. To begin with, you should familiarize yourself with the lists of codes and choose the one that suits you. Here are some interesting examples:

  • Satanic stories 6998.
  • Hijacking movies 20541.
  • Anime horror 10695.
  • Spirituality documentaries 2760
  • Gay & Lesbian Documentaries 4720.
  • Girls Night In 1157040.
  • Brain Food Docs 2014872.
  • Slightly Inappropriate 1191892.
  • NX: Multiple Universes, One Home 2867911.

However, you should remember that the codes are updated periodically. If the code doesn't work, make sure that it is up-to-date and valid in your region. You can also connect to a VPN and choose another location to access additional sections. 

If you are going to start viewing on your computer, then use the following instructions:

  • Open any browser.
  • Enter in the address bar.
  • Instead of XX, enter the Netflix code that you have selected in advance and press “Enter”. 

After that, a page with the genre you have chosen, will be opened.

If you use your smartphone, a Smart TV or a set-top box, you will not be able to use Netflix codes, but there is an alternative option:

  • Download the application to your device and log in. 
  • Enter a genre name (for example, Documentaries).
  • Scroll down to the section titled “Explore titles related to". Additional genres will be offered under this heading.

Categories are hosted by Netflix employees and artificial intelligence, so there are several hundred different categories and subcategories (alt-genres) on the site, and the codes will help you quickly navigate among them.

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